Painter WG-4102-09

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
The incumbent will paint or refinish the interior and exterior of buildings and other structures.
Paints and refinishes furniture, building service equipment, machinery, walls, ceilings, stairwells, window frames and dormers on roofs as examples.
Stripes parking spaces in parking lots; and roads and curbs.
Painting work is accomplished by brush, roller, and spray painting and by using latex, alkyd, and epoxy paints.
Surfaces to be covered will include plastered and sheetrock walls, cement, brick, tile, wood, acoustical materials and metal surfaces to include steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum.
Caulks and fills cracks around windows and doors, interior and exterior.
Cleans and re-glazes glass in wood and metal windows.
Prepares surfaces for painting by sanding, wire brushing, scraping, and burning and using chemical paint removers.
Reworks and primes surfaces subject to and affected by moisture such as the bridges, fire plugs, sign posts, exterior and some interior walls.
Installs and repairs vinyl wall covering, decorative wall coverings, and murals that range from 18" to 54" wide on interior walls.
Materials will consist of solid colors, patterns and designs of different textures and weights.
Prepares surfaces to accept new wall covering installation.
Fills cracks and holes.
Primes new and old vinyl surfaces with wall sizing and treats surfaces with alkalis patches.
Works with adhesives for vinyl materials and wheat paste for wallpaper.
Will cut back and later reinstall wall coverings when walls are opening up for access or because of relocation of wall mounted shelving and other items.
Patches wall covering and wall surfaces due to rips, tears or when moisture/water has softened and expanded plaster.
Works with specialty tools of the trade.
Applies and prepares surfaces for special finishes using stains, varnish, lacquer, shellac, wood filler, caulking, glazing, spackle, and joint compound.
Floats and tapes and then primes new sheetrock surfaces on new or modified walls and partitions.
Removes and installs vinyl cove base on interior walls.
Lays out and constructs, modifies, paints and engraves interior and exterior signs by stenciling, spray painting, brushing, applying vinyl lettering and using mechanical engraving equipment.
Works with wood, metal, plastics, and vinyl materials.
Makes repairs to existing signs, refinishing and painting faded and damaged signs or signs that need a message changed.
Makes nametags and desk nameplates for employees, patients and visitors.
Will do preventive maintenance in areas of responsibility.
The incumbent determines the methods, techniques, devices, and materials that are best suited to the surface finish required, for example, glossy finish, grained effect, or a finish that must meet specified thickness and levels.
Incumbent prepares surfaces by methods such as smoothing with pumice and rottenstone, filling, shaping, and leveling with metal and synthetic resins, and mixing and applying pre-coating agents, for example, pickling and alkali compounds.
They prepare coating materials by tinting, toning, matching, blending and mixing in various additives.
Will perform other related duties as assigned.
Work Schedule:
Monday thru Friday 8:
00 am to 4:
30 pmPosition Description Title/PD#:
Painter / 557-03698A

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