Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist

This position is physically located at each VA Medical Center/Healthcare System (VAMC/HCS).
The incumbent in this position serves as each VAMC's Community Employment Coordinator for Homeless Veterans.
The employee is a central figure (liaison, advocate, technical advisor) responsible for the ongoing orientation and training of the Homeless Services continuum in order to connect Veterans to the most appropriate and least restrictive VA and/or community-based employment services.
The Incumbent works with the local Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) Manager or designee in orchestrating clinical and administrative staff, within the Medical Center and without, into a cohesive platform with which homeless Veterans can obtain competitive employment with appropriate supports.
The position has a direct Impact on the local implementation of the National imperative to end Veteran homelessness, unemployment being a key barrier to permanent sustainable housing.
The position is vital in encouraging local stake-holders (e.
VAMCs, VHA, VBA, State, and private employment entities etc.
) to work together towards employing homeless Veterans while reducing redundancies in services.
The incumbent:
o Provides Information, pre-employment assessment and workforce re-entry planning services, linkage, and coordination for VA and non-VA services, and community-based follow-up services to Integrate Veterans into the community through competitive employment.
o Serves as a liaison to local community providers of employment placement and support services for homeless Veterans.
o Leads efforts to establish a local employment collaborative which Includes VA and non-VA members and community-based employers, and documents access points, requirements for participation and points of contact as indicated o Develops employment opportunities for homeless Veterans both directly through community-based job development and indirectly by leveraging the expertise of the employment collaborative.
o Insures that through the collaborative, competitive employment resources of varying levels of intensity are currently available for homeless and chronically homeless Veterans both at the medical center and in the community.
This should Include services targeting chronically homeless Veterans who may benefit from a more Intensive individualized job development and placement model such as supported employment, as well as Veterans who may request and require a less intensive or even a singular service (e.
resume preparation or job leads) in order to achieve an Improved employment outcome.
The types of employment services available for homeless Veterans should include but is not limited to:
o Access to job listings o Resume preparation o Counseling regarding the Impact of employment income on both o VA and non-VA benefits and entitlements o Negotiations with employers for reasonable accommodations o Assistance with completion and submission of job applications o Coordination of and transportation to job Interviews o Interview skills training o Job development o Job placement o Ongoing support for job retention including job coaching.
o Develops and maintains a database on referral and placement outcomes and provide feedback to the collaborative members as well as national homeless leadership.
o Serves as an advocate on behalf of Veterans with members of the employment collaborative and community employers, when appropriate, to ensure comprehensive service delivery resulting on competitive employment.
Work Schedule:
Monday-Friday 8:
00 am-4:
30 pm Position Description Title/PD#:

Don't Be Fooled

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