Utility Systems Repairer-Operator

The Utility Systems Repairer/Operator (USRO) is a member of a two person team that is responsible for the safe operation of the Utility's Management Center.
Primary Duties:
Steam Plant Operation - The USRO is responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the central steam plant consisting of both water-tube (2) and fire-tube (1) boilers with the capacity of producing 1,700 HP at 55,000 lb.
of steam per hour.
Follows established procedures during the lighting of, operation, sequencing, and during boiler procedures and testing.
Completes annual inspections of both types of boilers.
Inspects baffles, piping, and tubes for wear and scaling.
Incumbent inspects fire box for refractory loss and tube wear on the outside of tubes.
Inspects burner barrel, tube sheets and remove hand hole cover to inspect water sides.
Runs all water, gas, steam, and pressure limits to ensure safe and efficient operation of all three boilers.
Operates and maintains support equipment:
de-aerator tank, condensate tank, condensate pumps, feed water pumps, forced draft blowers, air compressors and fuel oil pumps.
Records steam production, pump rates, and water usage and operating data at hourly intervals.
Changes flow charts, and computes daily use of make-up water, steam production, fuel usage and calculates heating and cooling degree days.
Performs hourly inspection of equipment under load.
Records diesel fuel tank levels and usage daily.
May not leave the Utility Management Center at any time while boilers are in operation.
Chiller Plant Operation - Responsible for the safe operation, sequencing and maintenance of the central chiller plant consisting of (4) 500 ton centrifugal chillers, (4) 100 HP secondary chill water pumps, (4) 100 HP condensing water pumps and (4) 100 HP primary chill water pumps that operate in a decoupler chill water loop.
Operates and maintains (2) 155 ton chillers, and (2) 80 ton chillers and one (1) 125 ton chiller for a combined cooling load of 2,595 tons.
Operates sequence and maintains (3) 700 ton cooling tower cells.
Performs yearly inspections on chillers, pumps, and towers.
Opens the chillers to inspect evaporator and condenser tube bundles and clean tubes.
Shuts the cooling tower down annually to inspect tower fill and distribution nozzles and clean strainers, basin, and screens in tower sumps.
Perform hourly checks on all operating equipment in the chiller plant, making inspections of the cooling tower and utility spaces on each shift.
Preventative Maintenance - Performs operator-level preventive and corrective maintenance on chillers, cooling towers, fire-tube and water tube boilers, pumps, valves steam traps, valve actuators and damper linkages and other associated equipment.
Inspect, adjust and repair all boiler control safety devices, instrumentation, flow-meters, and be able to inspect repairs and adjustments made by contractors.
Daily Tests - Maintains proper chemical control of boiler water, condensate water, chilled water, and cooling towers through daily testing and adjustment through chemical injection and blow down rates.
Maintains and adjusts automatic metering to the surface blow down system and maintains the blow down heat recovery system.
Equipment Monitoring - Responsible for monitoring the Simplex based fire alarm system and the initiating the facility's fire alarm procedure.
Provides notification and instructions to staff, patients and visitors during all emergencies.
Monitors the facility's Med-Gas alarm system, emergency elevator call system and the wireless temperature monitoring system.
On weekends, holidays, evening and night (WHEN) hours, responsible for monitoring the status and operation of the stand-by electrical power system consisting of (1) 2 MW generator, (3) 450KW generators, (1) 275 KW generators, (2) 150KW generators, (1) 125 KW generators and (1) 85 KW generator for a combined total of 4.
135 MW of generating power.
Maintains regular checks on the bulk oxygen storage facility and assist in the filling of the system.
Maintains a comfortable environment throughout the facility by managing air handling units, fan coil units, exhaust fan units, reheat boxes, variable air volume boxes, heat exchangers and wall convectors.
Monitors the Energy Management system for alarms, equipment failures and environmental conditions.
Handles calls that are directly related to the Environment of Care both during normal working hours as well as off hours.
During off shift hours they are first responders to all calls in the hospital.
Assesses the emergency call and makes the proper notification to staff and if needed the Utility Supervisor and Chief EngineerWork Schedule:
Rotating Shifts to include weekends and holidays.
Position Description Title/PD#:
Utility Systems Repairer Operator/03762-A

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